Anna Steller (1979)

Dancer and choreographer.
Born in Gdansk, Poland

2004 to present-Member of "Read My Lips Theatre" led by Krzysztof "Leon" Dziemaszkiewicz
2003 co-founder of dance studio "Gravity" based in a former Gdańsk shipyard area.
2003 -Holder of Dance Web Scholarship for dance workshops and festival Impulstanz Vienna
1998 - 2003 student of the Slavic philology at the University of Gdansk
1993 -2000 actress and dancer in "Dada von Bzdűlőw" theatre. In this theatre I learnt a basics of pantomime, actors play and modern dance techniques.

I took part in the following productions of Dada von Bzdűlőw:

1993 Ptaki podobno jak ludzie-(Birds like people) -director Leszek Bzdyl
1993 Dziewczyny, lalki i nic (Girls, dolls and nothing)- director Leszek Bzdyl
1994 W cieniu rozkwitajacych dziewczat (In the shadow of blooming girls)- director Leszek Bzdyl
1995 Wyrywacz serc czyli balia hanby (Heart ripper or the wash-tub of dishonour) based on Boris Vian novel - director Leszek Bzdyl
1996 Czlowiek, który klamal np. Heiner Müller (The man who lied, Heiner Müller for example) -director Leszek Bzdyl, group choreography
1997 The day of beautiful society, dance performance on the beach
1998 Pawana na czesc milosci (Pavane in the honour of love) – director Leszek Bzdyl
1998 The night of beautiful society -happening on the beach
1998 Father -choreography J. Randall
1999 Lapiti kontra reszta swiata (Wapiti versus the rest of the world) director Leszek Bzdyl, choreography - Katarzyna Chmielewska

Own productions:

2005 - "Good Girl Killer" dance and music performance
2003 - "O!" -choreography Anna Steller, duet with Milena Rewinska (2003)
"La luta continua" -solo performance
2000/2001- "The Lover with the Accordion didn't Live to See the Premiere" -duet
2000" Nietot"a -street performance
"Apartament 001" -solo performance

Co-operation with other theatres:

2006 - "H.O.N.D." - performance of Mariola Brillowska in "Kampnagel" Hamburg
2006 - "Eden" - performance of Dada von Bzdulow theatre
2006 - "co -operacja" - choreographic project with 7273 theatre
2005 - "Rozana Gora" - Read My Lips Theatre
2005 - "Variete Cameleon"- Read My Lips Theatre
2005 - "Juicy Flesh" co-operation with Dada von Bzdulow
2001 Dni pozorne (2001) play by Marek Brand
1997 - 2004 - guest dancer in Gombrowicz Town Theatre in Gdynia:
- Midsummer Night's Dream (1996 – 2000)
- Antigone (1999 - to present)
- Romeo and Juliet (2002 - to present)
- The career of Arturo Ui (Brecht) (2002)
2003 "Wybrzeze" theatre in Gdańsk:
- Ordinary follies -piece by Petr Zelenka

Other accomplishment:
2005 Award on 3rd Dance Film Festival "Cinema Dance" Lodz, for films "The Hall" "Shipyard"

Workshops and education in dance
David Zambrano
Ray Chung (contact improvisation)
Imre Thorman (butoh)
Itto Morita (butoh)
Charlotte Vincent
Melissa Monteros
Avi Kaiser
Jacek Lumiński
Tero Saarinen
Yuval Pick
Johannes Randolf
Tatiana Baganova
Bernard Kesh
Chanti Wendge (contact improvisation)
Lenka Flory (modern dance)
Simone Sandrioni (modern dance)


In Poland
Solo Festival ANEX Warsaw 2001
Lubelskie Spotkania Teatrów Tańca 1997, 98, 99, 2001
Festiwal Teatrów Tańca Kalisz 1998 -1st.prize (with Dada von Bzdulow)
Dance Corporation Gdańsk Poland 2002, 2003
Theatre reminiscenes Krakow 1998
Dance Conference in Bytom 1997, 2000
Crash, theatre festival in Klodzko 1997. 2000
Baltic University of dance, Gdansk 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000
Dance explosions, Gdansk, 1999, 2000, 2001

Odeon Space theatre Vienna 2003
Dance Festival Explosive Bremen 1997
Modern Dance Festival Kaunas 1999
International Dance Festival Vilnus 2000
Passage U, Nancy France 1997
Polen via Gdansk, Copenhagen, Denmark 1997
Polonia in England, Southport 1995
European theatre meeting Wansee, Berlin 1996

Anna Steller
tel +48 502 558 703