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What is Good Girl Killer?

Good Girl Killer was founded at the beginning of 2005 by four polish artists: Magda Jedra, Zbigniew Zibi Bienkowski, Anna Steller and Grzegorz Welizarowicz.

Their first project, Good Girl Killer performance, premiered in March 2005 in Poland, Gdańsk. The Good Girl Killer collective works in the fields of dance, theatre, dance workshops, music, video, multimedia.
Formally and ideologically our artistic and other activities endeavor to mix genres. Blurring the boundaries between the high and the popular art conventions we make use of the contemporary technology and try to maintain an honest and responsible attitude toward the past.
The aesthetics we use represents us and reflects our experiences and considerations. We aim to provide an honest reflection of our fascination with various experimental techniques we have been exposed to over the years.





How we got together:

Magda Jędra and Zbigniew Bieńkowski are the founders of PLASTIYQUE dod. the artistic form of free flow between movement, sound and video.
Anna Steller is an independent dancer who is associated with Patrz Mi Na Usta Theater and Dada von Bzdulow Theater.
Grzegorz Welizarowicz is a composer/musician in bands Mordy, Chlupot Mózgu. An American theater scholar at the university of Gdansk.
Steller and Jędra first met on stage in Patrz mi Na Usta Theater's Cafe Domino Zaprasza. They co-acted in ODYS SEAS directed by Leszek Bzdyl at the Gdańsk Shipyard.
Steller and Welizarowicz created together a number of shows i.e.: Apartament 001, La luta continua, with original choreography and music.
To collaborate in GGK the four invited Jarosław Max Szwoch, a video artist, animation, film and video-clip director, i.e.: for bands Mordy, Panika, Eldo.
Anna and Magda created the choreography to the show Good Girl Killer, music was played live and sampled by Greg and Zibi, Max did the video.

The performance Good Girl Killer was staged at a number of festivals in Pola:d: Body – Mind in Warsaw, Heineken Open'er Festiwal in Gdynia, Biennale of Contemporary Dance in Poznań. In July 2005 TVP Kultura, a national television channel, commissioned a TV realization of the show for a number of national broadcasts.