Zbigniew Bie˝kowski (1971) - musician, performer, author of visual and multimedial
performances, sound editor.

He founded the following Silesian music groups:
G'ROY (1986-1989) and URODZINY (2000-2002).
He founded also groups working in the filed of music and visual arts - PROM (1987-1989)
and U nited W ith A ngels (1988-1989).

His music may be placed on the borderline between minimal elektro-pop with elements of jazz
improvisation and avant-garde music that can be heard in enthropic environment. During his concerts,
Z. Bienkowski uses a wide variety of styles, guitar sounds and electronics. He pays particular attention
to the colour and intensity of the sound and to the spatial atmosphere that this sound evokes during the
Z. Bienkowski had a long-term co-operation with the group Kury - using electronics he was the co-author
of the group's sound both in concerts as well as during the realisation of the last record of the group
- "100 lat undergroundu" ("100 years of underground"). Together with Magda Jedra he is a founder of the
groups called PLASTIYQUE dod, whose creative efforts encompass working in the fields of physical theatre,
visual arts performance and musical experiments.